An example of what you will learn on the 4WD Off Road Course

Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving proudly announces the launch of the first ever 4WD Off Road E-Learning Course! “The – must – have” for anyone that owns a 4WD vehicle!

The course is not only educational, but interactive and fun! Designed for a range of 4WD Enthusiasts from the novice, to the serious off roader, everyone learns important skills they didn’t know before taking the course . All you need is a computer and a wifi connection.

Developed by Glen Edmunds, CEO of Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving, the interactive e-learning course teaches you how to become familiar with the key features, capabilities, and limitations of your 4WD vehicle while developing a clear understanding of the correct use of the vehicle in all types of off road environments.

An E-Learning student begins the 4WD Off Road Driving Course

Are you a fleet manager of 4WD vehicles? 

Are you tired of ever increasing fuel and maintenance bills? Your drivers can learn the theory of safe and correct use of their company 4WD vehicles in all types of off road environments. This can all be done at their leisure. All they need is a computer and a wifi connection.

The money you will save on fuel and maintenance bills alone, could easily compensate for the cost of the course!

Don’t delay! Increase your skills by enrolling in this fun and interactive course. Go to http://elearning.glenedmunds.com to find out more!