Advanced Security Driver Training Course with Vehicle Ramming

Above Photo: 5-Day Advanced Security Driving Course With Vehicle Ramming 


Whether terrorism or criminal violence, security remains a major concern in many parts of the world today. Our security courses have been developed by local and international security experts incorporating the most up to date information possible. They are tailored to fit the conditions we find in Kenya – and Nairobi in particular.

Don’t live in Kenya? We also deliver our security courses globally, with region specific information. Contact us for details.



3-Day Security Driving 

This course is specifically designed for drivers that live/work in areas that have a high security risk. Through  hands-on training exercises, participants improve their standard of driving and practice driving maneuvers in realistic emergency situations. Participants learn the proper mindset to develop threat recognition and evasive driving techniques and gain skills on how to successfully identify, avoid and/or counter the threat, specifically in relationship to carjacking and attacks while mobile.

 Advanced Security Driving 

History shows that the majority of attacks happen around vehicles. The reason is simply that the target is more vulnerable while mobile.

This course incorporates specific elements of the science of vehicle dynamics, human physiological responses to stress, and the measurable time constraints posed by reaction time and decision making processes, into scenario-based training exercises that closely replicate real world problems.

 Participants will learn how to apply advanced evasive driving techniques along with vehicle ramming and PIT procedures to counter ambushes and carjacking scenarios safely and effectively.

Armoured Vehicle Driver Training

Armoured Vehicles can weigh as much as 70% more than a normal vehicle. Due this, armoured vehicles handle very differently than a normal vehicle and understanding the difference is crucial.

This comprehensive course teaches participants the safe handling of an armoured vehicle in a variety of conditions and circumstances. Vehicle dynamics are emphasized during practical exercises. In addition, the security considerations when driving an armoured vehicle are very different to normal driving and drivers need to learn how to respond appropriately, with a very different mindset and set of skills. Therefore, real world scenarios are used to develop threat recognition and evasive driving skills.  The participants learn to successfully identify, avoid and/or counter the threat.

Women Only Courses

Women have different concerns than men when traveling from A to B and whether we like it or not, women driving on their own, are prime targets. Women often feel more comfortable in an all female course and can therefore offer all of our courses as women only – for a minimum/maximum of 6 students per group.



We offer security and ‘driving in Kenya’ orientation lectures that are ideal for newly arrived international staff. We also provide bespoke security courses, including HEAT Courses.