Motorcycle Training

Defensive Rider Training Demonstrating the Anti – Crash Training Aid™ – Off Road Version

Our unique training is conducted with a specifically designed Anti – Crash Training Aid™ fitted to a motorcycle. We have both on -road and off -road versions. These systems were designed and built in Kenya. This enables a rider to push the boundaries of adhesion, stopping quickly, cornering and braking which increases confidence levels, so they can truly understand the way a motorcycle handles and how a rider can get the best out of his machine without damaging their own motorcycle or causing injury to themselves or others.

On Road Motorcycle Training with Artificial Pillion

Additional exercises are included with an artifical pillion to mimic riding with passengers. The 2-Day course includes informative theory followed by six hours daily riding on our purposely-built training track, including a skidpan with aquaplaning capabilities.

Please note this is not a learner course. Participants must be 18 years or older, hold a valid motorcycle license and have at least one year’s riding experience.

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