Defensive Driving


BMW X Series Defensive Driving CourseAbove Photo: Defensive Driving Course – On Road


According to the World Health Organization, road traffic injuries caused an estimated 1.24 million deaths worldwide in the year 2010.

Eighty per cent of road traffic deaths occur in middle-income countries, which account for 72% of the world’s population, but only 52% of the world’s registered vehicles. This indicates that these countries bear a disproportionately high burden of road traffic deaths relative to their level of motorization.


2-Day Defensive Driving Course – On Road

We go “back to basics” and build a firm foundation of proper skills that are reinforced by driving with our professional instructors. The course emphasizes vehicle dynamics as it relates to absolute car control during every day driving. A maximum of two hours of theory is followed with “hands on” practical driving exercises with a professional instructor for the remainder of the day.

2-Day Defensive Driving Course – Off Road

Same as above, with the entire course adapted to unsealed surfaces.

1-Day Defensive Driving Highway Course

All training courses are conducted to a specific and progressive structure that allows the Instructor to focus on individual needs of both the company’s requirements and the individual with timings to suit all concerned. All practical driving is done on local highways.

IOGP 365 Compliant Defensive Driving Courses.

We have the ability to complete training to the IOGP official standards to support exploration and the Oil and Gas Industry. We are the only African  company to offer this standard of excellence. Kindly click here for further information.

“ I Already Know How To Drive, Why Should I Take A Defensive Driving Course?” 

Most drivers think they already know how to drive, but the above statistics reflect otherwise. In an emergency situation an average driver’s skill set fails at only 40% of their vehicle’s capabilities.

The Glen Edmunds Defensive Driving Courses are specially designed to improve your driving skills and teach you the necessary techniques to react correctly in an emergency situation.

We use an advanced technology for evaluating and improving student’s skill levels. This is a proven training method that saves lives through conscious driving.

Did You Know That Taking a Professional Defensive Driving Course Can Save You Significant Amounts of Money? 

Here’s How:

• Reduce Accident Rates by up to 70%
• Reduce Vehicle Maintenance costs by up to 50%
• Reduce Fuel Consumption by up to 25%