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Armoured Vehicle Defensive Driving Low Res

Above Photo: Armoured Vehicle Defensive Driver Training Off Road


Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving is the only company in Africa that provides internationally accredited advanced driving courses such defensive driving (both Light Goods Vehicles – LGV and Heavy Goods Vehicles – HGV), 4×4, and security driver training such as counter carjacking and armoured vehicle to companies and individuals operating primarily in high risk areas. We also pride ourselves in offering IOGP 365 compliant driver training courses to the Oil, Gas and Exploration Industries.

Our 40 -Year Passion For Driving
Means You Get The Best
Learning Experience!

We are passionate about saving lives. By offering professional training with our proven training methods, we contribute to safer and more responsible drivers.

Driving in Africa is inherently dangerous. The accident rate is far higher than in Europe or America, despite far less vehicles on the road as a percentage of the population. This is due to a number of factors such as poor or no initial driver training; poorly maintained infrastructure   and poorly maintained vehicles.

Learning to drive defensively can drastically reduce the chance of   an accident. Employing defensive driving techniques can also lead to significant financial savings. It has been found that properly trained defensive drivers can:

  • Reduce fuel costs by up to 25%,
  • Reduce maintenance costs by up to 50%.
  • Reduce accident rates by up to 70%

These Savings Can Easily Pay for Your Initial Training Investment!

Past clients have experienced such a drop in their accident rates from drivers trained on this course that they have changed their fleet’s insurance from fully comprehensive to third party only.

TESTIMONIAL – Since Glen Edmunds Performance Driving conducted Driver Training for us, the most noticeable benefit is that since training we have had not a single major accident. Our Alarm Response business requires that our vehicles are driven quickly to emergency situations and the eradication of major accidents brings with it huge benefits. In addition we have recorded a 50% drop in smaller, less serious, accidents. Although this type of crash tends not to result in injuries, they do cost the company financially. The savings have been significant. Since the training, we have been confident enough to opt for 3rd party insurance cover on a fleet of 100 leased vehicles in Kenya. Our accident record gave the leasing company the confidence to agree to waive the requirement for comprehensive cover. That alone has resulted in savings in the tens of millions. Clearly a well run fleet is the result of many controls working in tandem. Driver training is a vital part and we have no doubt that what’s on offer from Glen Edmunds Performance Driving has helped us save lives, improve our public image, reduce accidents and save money.  General Manager KK Security